Couples Counseling

Relationships are not always easy to maintain. As part of a couple we are called upon to be vulnerable, and that can be challenging at times.  Couples counseling can help you learn how to connect in a more positive and healthy way. We often find it difficult to ask for what we want in a relationship.  Then when we don’t get it, it is easy to feel resentful. The negative cycle begins! Couples counseling can arm you with the tools that will make a difference!  You will learn how to communicate so you can be heard, and so you can hear your partner as well. Trust can be built or repaired.  Boundaries can be managed. Empathy can be shared.

Common problems in couples therapy include:

  • Dealing with infidelity
  • Communication issues
  • Poor boundaries with family or in-laws
  • Financial stress
  • Criticism
  • Defensiveness
  • Stonewalling
  • Contempt
  • Sexual problems (desire discrepancy, etc.)
  • Open relationship/Kink complications and agreements
  • Mixed orientation marriages

As a Sex Therapist and Gottman trained couples counselor I can help you learn to hear each other and figure out what goals you want to pursue.  In my couples centered approach, we will work together to design a plan that will honor each of you.

It is my experience that couples counseling is not covered by insurance.  As such I do not accept insurance for couples counseling.  I can accept cash, check, or credit/ debit cards.

In order to avoid any confusion please see this article that explains the difference between couples therapy and family therapy.  Couples counseling/therapy is NOT the same thing as family counseling/therapy. To quote this article:

“Typically, couples (also marriage) therapy focuses on the relationship and the peoples’ behavior in the relationship. Some therapists even consider the relationship as the “patient.”

This is the approach I take with my couples: the relationship is my client.   As such all relationship therapy is PRIVATE PAY ONLY.  I do not accept any insurance or EAP for relationship therapy. I may even advise individual therapy for each of you, while we are working on your relationship,  and the good news there is:  if you have mental health benefits, insurance covers individual therapy!  (You should always check with your insurance company and know your benefits!  They are part of your compensation at a job or you are paying for them and either way, you should know what type of coverage you are getting!)

I utilize a 4 step intake:  Initially, we will meet together for 55 minutes.  Then I will meet with each of you individually for a 55-minute session.  I will also have you each complete a Gottman Relationship Checkup (to be completed between the initial session and out individual sessions.)  Then we will all meet together again to discuss my findings and put together a plan that will help you get “un-stuck,” move forward in life, and thrive!

                                                …because life is too short to not thrive!